Pro-gamers banned from League of Legends

Less than two months after Little Wraith qualified to play League of Legends at the Intel Extreme Masters Regional Invitational, and three members of the team have been banned from the game, as Riot Games completes a wave of bans on the Oceanic server. Members of Team Immunity and Nv have also been affected by the disciplinary action.

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The reason? Mirko Gozzo from Riot explains in a statement that the bans have been handed out for poor in-game behaviour.

I can not go into much detail due to privacy reasons, but basically we regularly perform checks on our player behaviour and on this last check, a number of players – not only pro players – were found acting against our Summoner’s Code, and therefore were temporarily banned.

These developments, as spotted by onGamers, shuts down rumours that the Team Immunity member had gotten caught win-trading, but we have learned that an unnamed Nv gamer has been handed the largest sentence: Banned from the game (including offline competitive play) for six months. Team management has announced that this external reprimand is on top of an internal suspension handed down to the League of Legends team on December 3 due to poor behaviour.

The Oceanic server has an unmanned tribunal, unusual in LoL. Gamers are able to report players for breaching the rules, but it’s not known quite what’s done with the reports. Occasionally, Riot steps up and clears house, in this case removing gamers accused of behaving particularly badly. These bans will last from between two weeks and six months – it is not known how each of the teams will deal with the banned players.

Source: onGamers

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