World of Warcraft offers free character migrations

World of Warcraft gamers who are facing “high queue times at login” are being invited to simply leave the overcrowded realms. Blizzard is offering free character migrations to those affected – so if you don’t want to wait to log in, you can just hop on over to somewhere new.

[img_big]center,8587,2011-10-31/wowx4-screenshot-11-full.jpg,World of Warcraft[/img_big]

Community Manager Bashiok (Micah Whipple) explains that the transfers will be available for around a week, “or until a destination realm fills up”:

If you’re looking to transfer with others we recommend setting up plans early to avoid any stragglers being left behind.

When the service is available, you’ll be able to transfer WoW realms by logging into and following the steps – but don’t be too hasty: The free character migration page is currently “in maintenance”, so no transfers can currently take place.

For more information, including what to do before, during and after migration, head to the official FAQ, which Blizzard has courteously provided.

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