Giant ladyrobot invades Guild Wars 2

There are only four Living Content updates headed to Guild Wars 2, but the team at ArenaNet and NCSoft aren’t letting that dampen their spirits. The latest one – Origin of Madness – looks like everything’s set to go out with a bang.

So. What do we have here? Two new foes: One is a giant ladyrobot in the mountains, stomping on everything. If she’s not terrifying enough, there’s also three-headed jungle wurms popping up under the Bloodtide Coast.

You will be facing off against Scarlet Briar, long-time Guild Wars 2 villain, but it looks like she’s brought in the cavalry to get in your way.

“The End” of Guild Wars 2 starts with this new update January 21st – we don’t yet know if the Living World will continue further into 2014, but even if it doesn’t, this is an impressive way to end the series.

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