Nidhogg is finally (finally!) available for you to play

Even though we were promised a commercial release for Nidhogg this month, we still didn’t really believe that the indie darling would make its way to home computers. And yet… here it is.

You’ve probably played bits of Nidhogg if you’ve spent any time at gaming expos or conventions over the past few years. It’s picked up a stack of awards, and been heralded as a high point in simple, elegant game development.

Don’t let the old-school arcade pixels put you off: Nidhogg has some deep strategy afoot. Each point you score against your sabre-wielding opponent will help you win the game (obviously), but it’s not as easy as it might sound, and the back-and-forth will keep you on your toes.

Finally available right now on Steam, you can even sneak 20% off the asking price, if you snag Nidhogg before January 21st. Enjoy!

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