MGR: Revengeance PC needs always-on internet

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is available right now on Steam, but if you were hoping for a little offline gaming, you should probably keep looking.

The brand new release from Konami makes no mention of needing an always-on internet connection but – surprise! – will not load in offline mode. Making things worse, if you’re playing the game and your internet connection drops? You’re kicked out of the game without warning.

While this sounds like the sort of thing that Konami or Platinum Games had included in the game as a copy-protection mechanism, think again. The game’s Creative Producer, JP Kellams, took to Twitter claiming no knowledge of the drama and hoping it is “just a glitch”.

Current theories on the situation suggest that this is due to the game’s use of the Steam API – making the problem something that Platinum will have to work to resolve.

If we are to believe that the studio didn’t know about the issue until release, chances are we might be waiting a while for it to be fixed.

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