3DS hack unlocks region restrictions

The 3DS is the first Nintendo handheld to be region-locked, meaning that gamers cannot import games from other countries unless they also import the 3DS to play them on. A bunch of clever-clogs gamers has managed to find a way around the restriction – and it’s been done in such a way that it does not also support video game piracy.

#EndRegionLocking #NintendoRegionFree

It’s not yet known how Nintendo feels about this

The solution does not involve any hardware adjustments or expensive add-ons, but it’s still a little complicated if you’re unfamiliar with the process of updating software on your 3DS. For full instructions, head to GBA Temp.

Previous efforts to crack region-locking have typically also involved unlocking the game console to play pirated games or other hacked releases. This solution does neither of these, instead simply removing the region-locking from your 3DS.

Nintendo has not yet commented on the development.

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