Sony unveils new VR headset

Sony has thrown its hat into the VR ring with a brand new headset revealed at CES. The virtual screen on the HMZ-T3Q reaches up to 750 inches, but in the real-world, it’s a pair of twin screens sitting in a futuristic helmet.

Sony's HMZ-T3Q headset

Sony’s HMZ-T3Q headset

Michael Fasulo, president and chief operating officer at Sony Electronic explains that this device is not exclusively for games. While it does feature head tracking (it knows when you move), it’s more focussed on being “a theatre on your head”. In fact, the studio showed off the HMZ-T3Q in action on a plane, hinting that the headset is well-suited to places where a large television is impractical.

If this sounds familiar, the T3Q is a revamped version of the US$999 HMZ-T3W headset launched last year, which did not have motion sensing abilities.

No mention as yet on price or availability of the new headset – we’ll keep you posted.

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