Valve unveils 14 Steam Machine partners

Valve‘s eagerly-anticipated, much-hyped CES press conference in Las Vegas today ran for all of seven minutes, in which company founder and bossman Gabe Newell introduced the thirteen hardware manufacturers that would be creating Steam Machines.

Admittedly, most of the boxes look pretty similar, but most gaming PCs and consoles do, too. There’s a couple of standard-PC-sized towers, but a few miniature machines as well (like the tiny offering from Gigabyte), something Valve promised at the outset.

Newell explains:

The first generation Steam Machines offers something for every gamer, which is a critical part of extending Steam into the living room. With over 3,000 games and more than 65 million gamers on Steam, it’s important to offer gamers a variety of Steam Machines that allow them to select what makes the most sense for them.”

The companies working on Steam Machines

The companies working on Steam Machines

14 Manufacturers confirmed as creating the new gaming machines:

  • Alienware
  • Alternate
  • CyberPowerPC
  • Digital Storm
  • Falcon NW
  • GigaByte
  • iBuyPower
  • Maingear
  • Next Spa
  • Origin PC
  • Scan
  • Webhallen
  • Zotac

Prices for these will start as low as US$499, competing directly with the home console market (others will be priced accordingly).

Manufacturers will also build their own Steam Controllers to go with the new platform – if you’re not keen on Valve’s default, there’s hope for you yet!

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