Faction-free Pandaren hits L80 in World of Warcraft

Blizzard introduced the first faction-free race to World of Warcraft in 2012 with Mists of Pandaria, but most gamers ultimately choose Alliance or Horde within just a few levels. Not this guy: The appropriately-named Doubleagent has just hit level 80 without choosing a faction.

WoW: Doubleagent's player Stats

WoW: Doubleagent’s player Stats

Pandaren are neutral by default, but they must choose a faction before leaving the in-game starting zone. This means that Doubleagent has been stuck in a limited amount of space, with a limited amount of ways to gain experience: He’s spent all his time picking herbs to level up.

The Elemental Shaman has been playing since September 2012, and we’re guessing he’s getting a little tired of the same ol’, same ol’. The man behind the account – known simply as Johnnie W – explains on Reddit:

I have herbalism and inscription. I mill my herbs and turn them into Moonglow ink and vendor them for 1 gold a stack. However, I recently found out there there is a way to get Mageroyal on the isle (it is about a 3% herbalism chance from herbing the corpses of Thornbranch Scamps) to make Midnight ink which is used to make a few minor glyphs… at least the ones available from Minor Inscription Research. Inscription cannot be leveled (like all professions) past 75 on the isle. Which severely limits any crafting one can do. While the glyphs I’ll be able to make are only minor, it’s better than nothing. This gives me a reason to have inscription now besides just making extra gold.

The current level cap in World of Warcraft is level 90, set to increase to 100 with the launch of Warlords of Draenor, and Doubleagent has every intention to keep going the way he has – at least until he runs out of patience.

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