Farm Heroes Saga is here to take over your life

If you were looking for a way to waste what’s left of 2014, King has come to your rescue. Candy Crush Saga has – from all accounts – chewed up a large chunk of 2013 on an assortment of platforms, and now Farm Heroes Saga is here to lure the unsuspecting.

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga features an assortment of “Cropsies” – that is, adorably big-eyed interpretations of fruits, vegetables, sunshine and sunshine – that you must organise into groups of three. Yes, it’s a mechanic you’ve played before. Yes, it’s a mechanic you’ll play again. You are powerless.

While I’ll freely admit to playing both games on Facebook, I’ve never ventured into the mobile realm, and that’s where these two will grab you. Farm Heroes Saga doesn’t demand too much of your time at once – you can play a few levels here and there, with no penalties for not revisiting your farm for days at a time.

Farm Heroes Saga is available today on both Android and iOS – but be warned: You’ve probably got things you have to do today. Try and get them done first.

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