Notch: No current plans for Minecraft on Wii U

Markus “Notch” Persson has agreed that a Wii U version of Minecraft “would make sense”, he explains he currently has no plans to bring the blocky world-builder to a third console.

Over the Christmas break, Minecraft fans bombarded the Swedish developer with questions on the topic.

I am not aware of any plans to release a Wii U version of Minecraft.

Don’t go interpreting that first Tweet as a sign that there are plans that he doesn’t know about. A second post makes things clearer:

I agree a Wii U version would make sense, btw. The only reason for no current plans is we’ve got too much work already. I <3 Nintendo.

Too much work? Notch and his colleagues at Mojang are busily working on finishing Scrolls and ironing out the bugs on Minecraft Realms.

It’s a pity, but it’s also oddly reassuring to know that a developer is sticking to the idea of doing a few things really well, rather than a lot of things rather poorly.

Minecraft is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux, Xbox 360 and mobile, with versions for Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Vita currently in the works.

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