Remedy releases free Alan Wake content

Have you played Alan Wake? If you haven’t, it’s on sale on Steam right now, and if you have, it’s a good time to revisit Bright Falls. Remedy Entertainment has just released a whole stack of free downloadable content for the game, taking you behind the scenes of the dark, psychological thriller.

So: What are you most interested in? Bonus videos? We’ve got those. And concept art, sheet music for the soundtrack, the entire screenplay, and a couple of graphic novels. No, seriously. If you’re a fan, this is the motherlode.

  • Bonus videos
    Early demo videos, making of documentaries, the story of Remedy, Balance Slays the Demon music video and a clip from the Harry Garrett Show.
  • Visual exploration
    Alan Wake’s visual identity guidelines, concept art, production photos, high resolution wallpapers and printable cardboard cutout characters.
  • Graphic novels
    Two graphic novels set in the world of Alan Wake titled Night Springs and Psycho Thriller, with stories by Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti.
  • Note by note
    The soundtrack of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and sheet music of Alan Wake, both composed by Petri Alanko.
  • Lost pages
    The complete Alan Wake screenplay and also scripts of The Writer and The Signal, narrations, Mr. Scratch videos, radio shows and manuscript pages.

If you’ve still got holiday money left over, the original Alan Wake is currently available on Steam for 50% off its usual marked price – as is the DLC sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Snag ’em both and save some cash – but this expires January 2nd.

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