Where's My Water 2 update scraps energy system

Disney Mobile has surprised fans by removing the frustrating energy system that formed a key part of Where’s My Water? 2. The latest update for the game on both iOS and Android snips out the annoying “feature”, interpreted by cynics as a way to force microtransactions.

Originally, you could only play WMW2 for a preset number of attempts. If you wanted to continue, you had to wait for Swampy the alligator’s energy to refill, or (wait for it), hand over real-world cash to speed up the process.

The prompted-payment system was not a feature of the original Where’s My Water, and fans of the casual series were unimpressed by its addition.

Now though, all that has changed. The App Store / Google Play update tells it all:

Water fans, thanks for all your support! We took your feedback to heart and REMOVED the energy system in this update! Yep that’s right. Now play as often and as much as you like!

As compensation, fans who had purchased the now-scrapped expanded energy meter will receive two Monster Bundles for free.

The update also brings two new locations (complete with achievements and collectibles), so it’s a good time to hop back into Where’s My Water? 2, play to your heart’s content, and explore Winter Woods and the Bayou!

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