Summer series: 'Tis the season to be gaming

Player Attack is taking a few days off over the Christmas/New Year break – there’s not much news going on, and plenty of games to play. What are you catching up on, this holiday season? Find out if our lists match up with yours!

This Christmas break, I’ve abandoned my usual ritual of passing out in a puddle of custard after attempting to eat my own body weight in pudding, and decided to get my sheet together. For me, Christmas is about quick wins. With a long holiday, there’s enough time to really get stuck into an epic, but this year, I have just enough to tie up, punch out, head shot and throw pokeballs at a few stray ends.

Like all traditional holidays, to combat the inevitable festive bulge that comes from eating various treats, I will be trying to make sure I monitor my delicious intake with some hard work, as I’d rather spend my hard earned money on a next-gen console than going up a pants size. So… time to hit up some sports games.

There’s a plethora of games ending in ’13 that I never got around to being interested in. Mode 7 have released an early beta of newest turn-based strategy game, Frozen Endzone. Fans of their Frozen Synapse will be glad to know the turn-based, simultaneous gameplay mechanics are essentially the same. Frozen Endzone places the player in control of a team of robots playing Sportsball. Due to the nature of sporting competition, players now have an added layer of difficulty as their tactics are affected by the the game rules. The rules inhibit movement and prevent “easy” solutions to each turn to a point where I spent an embarassing amount of time failing the tutorial. Once I have actually read and understood the rules I’m looking forward to experiencing FE as the slick, fast tactical game I know it will be.

[img_big]center,12191,2013-10-10/sor2_-_1.jpg,Streets of Rage[/img_big]

To make sure I’m not just doing cardio while running a ball from one side of a board to the other, I made sure to pick up Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Streets of Rage on the Nintendo eShop. I’m a real sucker for retro gaming, and I can’t think of a better platform to play them on. 3D Streets of Rage is the revamped title I’ve been hanging out for since they were revealed. Though I played the sequel significantly more, I’m not patient enough to wait for it and I would definitely take a knife fight and a turkey I’d just punched out of a bin over the adventures of a dolphin who’s lost its way.

Accompanying the rigorous training regime, come December 27th I’ve planned to do some housekeeping. The Pokémon X/Y transfer ability will be available for download so I’ll be consolidating every Pokémon I’ve caught. In doing so, I’ll be locking down my Pokémon Y cartridge from restarts until the next game (and subsequent transfer capability) comes out. With this in mind, and pending downloadable end game content, I’m ready to wrap it up in a bow and freeze it in carbonite for safe storage until it’s safe to bring it back.

Also, I need to play StarCraft II. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t played it. Hell, I don’t even own it. I don’t actually have a reason as to why I don’t own it. I only remembered it was around after being exposed to footage of the harsh, cutthroat world that is Professional StarCraft gaming. I’m quite excited to be getting back to a franchise I played to death as a youngling, no matter how unfashionably late I am to the party, and can only hope the age old tactic of “fire directly into the alien death cannons, clogging them with wreckage” is still an acceptable stratagem.

[img_big]center,7251,2013-02-21/reckoning3.jpg,Mass Effect 3[/img_big]

As for the inevitable “pile of shame” resolutions, I want to get through Mass Effect 3. I got into the series when ME3 was available for free download via Playstation Plus, then downloaded the previous games and played them in order. Because I was essentially mainlining the franchise, by the time I hit ME3 I had lost interest and no amount of hilarious Renegading would rekindle the spark. I’ve not touched it for a few months and with new Mass Effect news and teasers spreading like assault rifle fire, I’m embracing the festive spirit and looking forward to getting some quick, blasty closure so I can rejoin the excited masses.

Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho!

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