Walking Dead: Season 2 delayed in New Zealand

The Walking Dead: Season Two released around the world last week, but there were a few notable geographic exceptions. It seems Telltale Games ran into some ratings board issues – and, for once, Australia wasn’t the cause of the problems.

If you live in New Zealand, Ireland or Russia, don’t fret: All That Remains is still headed your way on Xbox 360, as the publisher explains on its forums:

A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they’ll have Season Two early in the new year.

This is – as you may have gathered – the first episode in the second season of the episodic game series, which took audiences by storm a year ago. It’s available now (in most places) on Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but we’d assume a mobile adaptation is probably also in the works.

Telltale Games is currently also working on The Wolf Among Us and a Game of Thrones adaptation.

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