ex-BioWare doctor Muzyka flexes medical skills

Before co-founding BioWare back in 1995, Ray Muzyka trained as a medical doctor, working both as a family physician and in emergency rooms straight after graduation. While that experience is now two careers ago, it seems the skills never go away.

Ray Muzyka

Ray Muzyka

Muzyka, now an entrepreneur, travels a lot. He tweeted today about a flight:

Medical emergency while taxiing on plane to Edmonton from Calgary…I’m only MD on board? Yup. Turned back; paramedics; pt looking better w/ O2. Ok!

After retiring from BioWare in October last year, Muzyka has co-founded Threshold Impact. His new company is designed to “take on a brand new entrepreneurial challenge” – mentoring and investing in disruptive innovations in information technology, medical innovation and new media. The doctor now works with capable, passionate entrepreneurs to bring “excellent social returns” to the world – but it seems his quest to help people remains as hands-on as ever.

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