Wargaming displays restored German bomber

World of Tanks developer Wargaming does more than just make games. The developer has teamed up with the Royal Air Force Museum in Shropshire England to unveil a brand new exhibit: The only known German Dornier Do 17 bomber, recovered from the English channel in June of this year.

We spoke to Wargaming‘s Tracy Spaight at E3 this year, and he told us all about the studio’s latest military history project – this is the fruits of that labour!

More than 70 years ago, more than 400 Dornier bombers were used by the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. Many were inevitably shot down, including this one, which was left lying underwater at Goodwin Sands, roughly three miles off the English coast until six months ago. Now, the Dornier Do 17 bomber is on display as part of the Wargaming.net Interpretation Zone, which also gives visitors the ability to view an Augmented Reality Dornier flying above the museum.

For more information, head to the Royal Air Force Museum and take a look – if you get there in person, send us a postcard!

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