IRL Shooter 2014 fundraising on Pozible

The hugely successful groupĀ IRL Shooter is this year bringing Patient 0 to Sydney, and this time they have an even huger fundraising goal: $1,000,000.

Since going live at midnight on the 15th, the campaign has already amassed an impressive $43,402 at the time of writing.

Patient 0 is a “real life, live action Zombie Apocalypse gaming event”. With “realistic weapons & a realistic experience” and “using the most advanced IR technology to provide a fully scored event […] You can be the hero or the villain in your own action story.”

A number of improvements have been made in the intervening months since Patient 0 Melbourne, including new gameplay, new technology, achievements, upgrades, full scoring and leader boards, the addition of a side arm and the “pain belt”, which allows the user to set a level of feedback so they can truly immerse themselves in the Patient 0 experience, and much more.

Those who participated in IRL Shooter’s Patient 0 2013 in Melbourne can get an $80 discount for the full-fledged package at $170, but for everyone else tickets start at $175.

To buy tickets, grab a t-shirt or just support the project, head over to Pozible!

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