Colossatron destroys the world December 19th

Last year, we were told that the world would end on December 21st. This year, we’re told it’ll happen on December 19th – not because of any great Mayan prophecy, but because that’s when Colossatron is set to crash-land on earth (well, on iOS and Android, anyway), and set about destroying everything we hold dear.

In “the ultimate role reversal”, it’s not your job to fend off the massive world threat. Oh no. You are the threat, in complete control of the destruction caused by the biggest and most powerful being ever to set foot on our planet.

…and there are a bunch of feet involved. Colossatron itself is described as a “rolling fortress”, made up of a bunch of multi-coloured Powercores. Each one, dropped from space, brings something new to the party – powerups, shields, unique weapons – and can be picked up by simply dragging and dropping on your smartphone. The trick: Learning the specific functions of each Powercore and placing them in the most effective spot.

Developer Halfbrick has some hints:

Combining red and blue creates a purple Powercore. Matching three yellows together creates an even more powerful Supercore. Where should the shields be placed? Which power is active for green – proximity repair or plasma cannon? There are thousands of combinations, and each game will play out entirely differently. This is not tower defence – this is tower offence!

Your job: Destroy the seven continents and host an all-out assault on the Capital. General Moustache, fierce military leader, will stop at nothing in his battle against Colossatron, and you’ll keep up with the action with the Action News 6 team, Rick Dalton and Katie Hazard.

The next big thing from the team who brought us Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, mark the calendars: Colossatron launches December 19th.

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