Counter-Strike dev working on new Blizzard game

Well now, this is unexpected. It seems there might be another new game in the works at Blizzard, with the company currently looking for a Lead Producer. The new hire will be working closely with Mike Booth, former CEO of Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock, who signed up in May.

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Booth posted the news on Twitter, linking to the job ad:

My team is looking for a Lead Producer to help us create Blizzard’s next awesome game!

According to the job description, this will be another small-team project, like the in-beta Hearthstone (created by just 15 developers). “We can’t tell you exactly what the game is yet, but trust us, it’s awesome,” says the ad.

Ideally, you have passion for and experience in wrangling both small scrappy teams and large multi-discipline juggernauts. You enjoy getting your hands dirty in day-to-day game production as well as thinking strategically in solving high level challenges. Maybe you even enjoy personally jumping into databases or modeling packages from time to time. You speak the languages of art, engineering, game design and business – some fluently, the others enough to be dangerous effective. In short, you understand the science and appreciate the art of making amazing games, and have made it all come together in the shipping of world-class products.

The interesting thing here is that Blizzard has never hinted that anything new is in the works. This is not Titan, it’s not Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm – those games have their own job openings.

The “Unannounced Game Title” is also looking for a 3D Weapons Artist, with experience working with equipment, vehicles and other “complex mechanical objects”.

Adding further fuel to the speculative fires is the involvement of Mike Booth. He’s coming in with a hefty FPS background, having worked as a programmer on the original Counter-Strike at Valve and then as Project Lead on Left 4 Dead. Of course, he could have joined Blizzard looking for something new, or the team could be working on something he’s familiar with…

Stay tuned. We’re not expecting any big announcements from Blizzard any time soon, but we’re now very intrigued by just what the studio’s cooking up.

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