Browser-based Outernauts closing in January

Listen up, spacemen: Outernauts is shifting. While the collect ’em all game has been going strong on Facebook for the past 12 months, the time has come to upgrade. The browser-based version of the game will be closed in January – but don’t fret, you’ll be able to jump in again on mobile devices some time in 2014.

While Insomniac Games is best known for games like Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Fuse and next year’s Sunset Overdrive, there’s also a sub-set of the company working hard on casual / mobile games.

Over the past 12 months, that focus has shifted from the former to the latter, and it seems the Facebook/Kongregate version of Outernauts must be sacrificed. The game will close down on January 31, “in order to concentrate on making our iOS version the very best it can be,” says a blog post.

While we’d love to be able to keep running Outernauts on Facebook, Kongregate AND iOS, we simply don’t have the resources to do so at our high standards. What does that mean? Honestly, it means we wouldn’t be able to create new content for all three platforms and more importantly, properly address player inquiries. We have to pick where we focus, and we’re going to focus on iOS (and eventually Android).

In-game purchases have already closed, and because the team realises this news will come as a surprise to many gamers, those who have purchased Star Gems in the past 48 hours will be compensated with triple the amount.

As thanks, Insomniac is offering rewards to gamers who played the game online and then try it out on iOS – “we have come to really connect with the hardcore Outernauts community members,” says the company.

Speaking of which, we have overhauled the game, while retaining the core charm and features of the original. That means it’s a more streamlined experience focusing primarily on breeding and battles — with more beasts, worlds, missions and well…more. In other words, we’ve evolved Outernauts specifically for iOS. This ain’t no simple port. We’re very excited about it here.

Outernauts started life as one person’s half-formed idea, and was quickly worked up into Insomniac‘s first browser-based, free-to-play title. The company admits to mis-steps, but thanks the community for offering feedback and suggestions. Here’s hoping that continues in the next evolution of Outernauts!

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