Hand of Fate Kickstarter almost at 30k

Like card games? What about if your cards came to life and battled each other in glorious 3D? If that sounds like your thing, has Defiant Development got the game for you: Hands of Fate.

From the creators of the hugely successful (and award-winning) iOS game Ski Safari, and described on Kickstarter as a “card based rogue like”, Hand of Fate has you build a deck, and play the game of life and death in the cabin at the end of the world. “Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate. ”

With contributions from Ian Livingstone (creator of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series and until recently President of Eidos) and Rob Cunningham (CEO of Blackbird Interactive, developers of Homeworld: Shipbreakers), as well as a selection of other industry luminaries, Hand of Fate looks like it could very well be a fresh take on the digital card-game genre.

With 9 days to go, Hands of Fate has almost $30,000 AUD of a needed $50,000 AUD. If you’ve just heard about it, or have been wavering on your decision, now is definitely the time to donate!

Hand of Fate is slated for an early 2014 release for PC, Mac and Linux if the Kickstarter is successful. If you’re keen to support this Aussie-made game, contribute to their Kickstarter and hit it up on Steam Greenlight as well.

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