Pixel Piracy devs encourage digital piracy

In a very smooth move, indie developer Vitali Kirpu and manager Alexander Poysky have released a direct torrent link to their game Pixel Piracy, explaining that no, they aren’t stupid or high, they just want to make sure people get a copy of the game safely.

Pixel Piracy, billed as an open-ended sim and described as a “side-scrolling 2d, pirate roguelike-like game”, gives the player control over the crew of a pirate ship who must face a variety of procedurally generated events including encounters with pirates “and other hostile forces”, while at the same time maintaining and upgrading their ship and forces.

On their website, the developers state that they “believe anyone who wants to pirate our game will do so anyway”, and offer (and seed) the currently available version of the game. “Not everything is about money, and we want to thank those that pirate our title and actually give them the opportunity to do so with our blessing, while giving them an opportunity to actually make good on the piracy itself.”

With it’s unique visual style and smooth operators at the helm, Pixel Piracy definitely seems like a game to watch. Check out the Pixel Piracy website, or help the developers get onto Steam via Steam Greenlight. Pixel Piracy is currently in alpha and can be bought via Desura.

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