The Walking Dead: Telltale confirms another face

Telltale Games is apparently taking great delight in teasing fans with bits and pieces of what’s in store in The Walking Dead: Season Two. While we already knew that Clementine would be involved, we’ve just been told another character from the lineup.

The Walking Dead: Season 2

The Walking Dead: Season 2

From Telltale’s Twitter:

A familiar face returns in #TheWalkingDead Season Two premiere episode, “All That Remains,” releasing this month.

That is, of course, San Francisco native Omid, someone fans will be more than familiar with.

If you haven’t yet caught up with what’s going on in Season Two, you’ve still got some time to play Season One of The Walking Dead – but remember, the choices you make in that game (and in the 400 Days epilogue) will carry over into the next update.

The Walking Dead Season Two hits “this month” for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Windows PC, and we’re promised versions for Vita and iOS sometime in the future.

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