Peggle 2 drops onto Xbox One next week

Peggle 2 enjoyed one of the most low-key E3 reveals we’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean gamers aren’t hyped for the ball-dropping sequel. Happily, PopCap Games has revealed a release date – and it’s sooner than you thought!

December 9th. That’s the date y’all should mark in your calendars – it’s when Peggle 2 will hit the Xbox One, after a brief delay bounced it out of the launch day lineup. Versions for other platforms are in the works too, but we’re not sure just when they will drop, other than “in 2014”.

The news comes via VentureBeat‘s new hands-on preview of the game, which describes Peggle 2 as having all the charm of the original. You’ll be joined by more Masters than just Bjorn the Unicorn now, too – including Luna, who can help you aim; Berg, who will freeze pegs; Gnorman, who fires electricity; and Jeffrey, a beer-drinking troll who can drop giant boulders on levels on your behalf.

With 120 levels available at release, Peggle 2 will certainly keep you busy for a while – and the downloadable title is ridiculous value for money.

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