Yahtzee Croshaw creating Lovecraftian roguelike

While most people know Yahtzee Croshaw as a fast-talking comedian/game critic, there are a select bunch of us who first fell in love with him as a game developer. Today, I’m happy to report that Mr. Zero Punctuation is returning to his roots (somewhat), and working on a game of his own.

[img_big]center,12573,2013-11-27/screen7.png,The Consuming Shadow[/img_big]

While still firmly embracing the Lovecraftian horror genre, Croshaw’s discarded his point-and-click adventure past, instead focussing on the roguelike genre. The Consuming Shadow has been in the works since this time last year, inspired heavily by FTL: Faster than Light.

The game gives you 72 hours (in-game time, not real-world), to explore a number of towns. Some are cursed, and you must solve puzzles. Others are safe, and used for restocking your supplies. The end goal, of course, is to find information that will allow you to conduct a banishment ritual, to stop an ancient evil god from re-entering the world (and slaughtering humanity, no less).

If you die, you lose everything. If you succeed, you’ll traverse through a series of randomised maps. Everything is different with every playthrough – the dungeons, the ritual, the invading god, and all of the facts and mythology surrounding the in-game deities. But there’s a bit of a new-game-plus twist: Each time you play, you’ll earn XP, which will eventually lead to you gaining new levels, which will help your character start out a little bit stronger.

[img_three]12573,2013-11-27/screen2.png,2013-11-27/screen4.png,2013-11-27/screen1.png,The Consuming Shadow[/img_three]

The game is intended to be obscure and challenging at first; you’re not expected to pass it on your first attempt, but to use each life to learn a bit more about how things work and how to handle the minions of the shadow.

The Consuming Shadow is currently in beta test, and Yahtzee wants as much feedback as you can throw at him. Download the game, and see what you think!

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