Don't Starve plush toy fully funded in 90min

In a spectacular crowdfunding performance, a plush toy based on a character from Don’t Starve has been fully funded in less than two hours. The toy – a real-world version of in-game character Chester – apparently struck a chord with fans, took around 90 minutes to raise more than $15,000. At time of writing, the project has seen more than $50,000 in pledges, with a full 30 days remaining.

If you’re unfamiliar with the fuzz-ball, Chester is a helpful character from the indie game, who will carry things for you (in his mouth). As long as your character Wilson carries his EyeBone, Chester will follow him loyally, with the “furry garbage can” potentially Wilson’s only friend.

The rampant success of the funding drive took developers Klei Entertainment by surprise, quickly prompting an almost immediate stretch goal addition. Now that Chester has cemented his popularity, a new variant of the character will appear in Don’t Starve – Shadow Chester. He is created by a special combination of Nightmare Fuel and the phases of the moon, and comes with three extra inventory slots as well as a darker colourway.

Of course, just because it’s fully funded, there’s nothing to say you can’t continue to throw money at the project – rewards for pledgers start as low as $5 and go all the way up to $1,700 “or more”.

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