Steam Reviews go live: Read, Rate, Discuss

You play games, you have opinions. Valve would like you to share them with other gamers, so the publisher has introduced Steam Reviews, currently in beta.

Steam Reviews show the most helpful comments

Steam Reviews show the most helpful comments

It’s been designed to give gamers the ability to make more informed choices about their gaming purchases, by reading real-world feedback on each title. Browse reviews from friends and the community, and even leave comments and responses on other people’s opinions to help filter out the most helpful, positive or negative.

If this sounds familiar, there’s good reason: Steam Reviews is an “evolution” of the Steam Recommendation system that’s been in place since 2010. There are currently more than 7 million Recommendations on Steam, and these are now being ported across to become the first Reviews. If you’ve written Recommendations in the past, you can make these visible to the entire Steam community just by visiting your archives and changing the settings.

There’s an interesting twist to the set up. Once you’ve played a game (or used a software title) on Steam, you’re able to write a review. The amount of time you’ve spent with the application is listed alongside your comments – so if you’re spitting venom at something you played for five minutes, people will take your comments with a decent-sized grain of salt.

Steam Reviews is available to all Steam users, and is currently in beta.

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