PSN changes passwords, forgets to tell anybody

Ever since the hacks of 2011, both Sony and its users have become a little paranoid of odd occurrences happening on the PlayStation Network. Last week, some European PSN users found that their accounts had been locked for no apparent reason. Confused and scared for their credit card details, they did the only logical thing, go into a panic and call Sony!

PlayStation: The same game, on two platforms

PlayStation: The same game, on two platforms

As it turns out, there was no foul play, and it was all Sony’s doing.

The company claims it detected “irregular activity” on the accounts in question and reset all the passwords as a precaution – without actually telling the account holders.

Interestingly, Sony wouldn’t say what actually constitutes as “irregular activity” as as it “would affect our ability to keep you guys safe” but reassures fans that it’s not “anything specific to worry about”.

Sony seems to have just dropped the ball on this one but it shows, if nothing else, that they really don’t want a repeat of what happened last time, which isn’t in itself a bad thing at all.


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