Man arrested after Nintendo death threats

Kyoto police have arrested a 25-year old man for reportedly making threats against Nintendo. Via an online feedback form, the man named two company executives he planned to kill and described planting bombs at HQ.

Wii U - Black, Premium console

Nintendo’s Wii U console

The threats were made in May, with the unnamed suspect allegedly stating that he would kill the two members of the Board of Directors “sooner or later”, and making an assortment of other threats:

I’d planted bombs at Nintendo headquarters, tomorrow afternoon they’re going to blow up, Nintendo go bankrupt.

While the bombs and murders were not acted out, the man – who lives in Akita Prefecture – has admitted to his actions after police proved his home computer IP address matched the one attached to the online posts.

Local media reports that police are also investigating similar threats made in September, but it is unclear if the two cases are connected.

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