International gamers: PS4 consoles dead on arrival

Early adopters of new tech often get many perks: bragging rights, exclusive bonuses, and some other third thing that I don’t know because I’ve never really been an early adopter. Finally, my don’t-rush-in mentality may have paid off: Many American users are complaining that their brand new PlayStation 4’s are DoA. (No, not Dead or Alive. Dead on Arrival.)

PlayStation 4 - Blue Light of Death

This is a bad sign

“Blue Light of Death” is being reported online by users in the thousands. The problem is reminiscent of the Xbox 360’s “Red Ring of Death” which bricked consoles due to cheap parts. Sony has tried to help customers solve problems by saying it could be an issue with the HDMI pins being bent (which is a whole other issue right there), problems with the power supply or even TV compatibility. The manufacturer has also announced that their expected hardware failure rate is 0.4% of consoles shipped, but that figure doesn’t really help the reported 4000 or more PS4 users who now have a fancy, expensive paperweight.

Angry users are heading to to rate the PS4 a low one-star. With review titles like “$400 brick victim” and “Another one bites the dust”, you’ve really gotta wonder how Sony will act on this disaster, while DOA victims are threating to get their money back and switch to the Xbox One which releases later this week.

It’s not just U.S. gamers, either: Australian users who bought the region-free PS4’s from Amazon are going to on the Whirlpool forums to discuss the issue with some users reporting that their consoles arrived DoA as well.

A user by the name of moltensnake contacted Sony Australia about his DoA console but received no support, being told that “the console isn’t out yet and the international warranty doesn’t carry through”.

Sony has reportedly sold more than one million PS4 consoles in North America in 24-hours.

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