The Xbox One controller that could have been!

According to reports, the Xbox One controller could have been the Swiss Army Knife of next gen controllers!

Xbox One Controller

This is what we’ve got.

Costing over 100 million dollars to develop, the controller we’re getting is very similar aesthetically to the 360s but has over (count them) 40 design changes, such as the dynamic impulse triggers, precision directional pad and integrated battery compartment.

That’s all well and good but what crazy stuff was in there that could warrant more money than a gold-plated DeLorean?!

A camera and touch pad? Kinda standard.
A mini-projector? That’s pretty cool.
A scent emitter? What kind of future tech was this?!

At one point, VentureBeat reports, Microsoft was experimenting with adding smells into games.

Zulfi Alam, Xbox’s general manager for accessories explains:

We built small slugs of different types of smells that could actually come out of a controller, like, as you walked through a jungle, you’d smell the flora.

This crazy concept was dropped from prototyping after it was deemed that “core base didn’t appreciate them.”

Maybe this will come to fruition in future peripherals because A) It’s what the 80’s sci-fi movies I grew up with promised me and B) We’ll see a drastic decline in obligatory sewer levels, which would be awesome!

Xbox One launches tomorrow! (That is, November 22.)

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