Xbox One has no voice control in New Zealand

…and sticking with the Xbox One, it’s bad news for Kiwi gamers, as Microsoft makes an eleventh-hour confirmation that you will not be able to use the console’s Kinect voice command system at launch.

Xbox One

Xbox One

We’re not sure if it’s the Xbox One laughing at your accent, but you’re not alone.

At launch, voice in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand will not be available on Xbox One but we are working to deliver this feature as soon as possible via a software update.

Local gaming site Gameplanet reminds fans that the original Kinect voice commands for Xbox 360 experienced the same sort of delay. At the time, that was blamed on “the complexity of solving for languages and accents.”

But while the news is frustrating, and New Zealanders will not be able to simply state “Xbox On” when they want to play a few games, it’s not all bad. Microsoft has been forced to delay the launch of the Xbox One console in eight European countries for – among other things – issues with voice and language.

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