Dying Light shows off next-gen illumination

One of the things that first attracted us to Dying Light was the promise of a vibrant day/night cycle. We now know that gameplay changes considerably when the sun goes down, and this new trailer demonstrates just how big a part light will play in the upcoming zombie survival release.

The game uses Techland‘s in-house Chrome Engine 6 to create a physically-based lighting system, the sort of thing that is only possible with the next generation of consoles. The studio explains the new engine gives them the ability to create more realistic lighting and shadow in the game world, and – in turn – make the world more authentic and immersive.

This is our first glimpse at a new map – Old Town – which has never been shown before, giving a different feel to the world of Dying Light.

Headed our way in 2014, Dying Light promises four-person co-op, action/survival/horror from the team that brought you Dead Island.

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