Take a look: 10mins of DayZ pre-alpha footage

DayZ developer Dean “Rocket” Hall has posted ten minutes of warts-and-all footage of the game, to show fans that progress is still being made on the project. The “pre-alpha” gameplay video shows a chunk of an in-house multiplayer test – and makes no effort to mask any bugs.

The video you are about to watch contains raw, unedited footage of a video game in pre-alpha and may deeply trouble experts who post YouTube comments. It has not been approved by marketing, and contains disturbing scenes such as poor FPS, floating loot, bad lighting, placeholder sounds, and many more bugs that obviously never occur in game development and therefore the project is completely doomed. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Rather than spending time polishing up a single video, Hall and his team are focussing on getting the alpha version of the game up to scratch, so they’re concentrating almost exclusively on multiplayer/server performance. That’s a good thing, remember!

DayZ was originally a zombie-huntin’ mod for Arma II, but rabid fan attention prompted the transition to a standalone version. Don’t hold your breath for a date on this one, recent reports suggest it’s nowhere near release-ready.

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