Watch the first episode of Pokemon Origins online

Everyone might be obsessed with Pokémon X&Y these days, but the Pokémon Origins anime series draws inspiration from a more classic era – Pokémon Red and Blue. Yep, the original Game Boy series is reborn in an episodic cartoon – and you can catch the first episode online right now.

The series will echo the storyline of the games – Pokémon trainer Red, along with his rival Blue, are on a quest to complete the Pokédex for Professor Oak. If you’re expecting something like the original animated Pokémon series, you’re in for a surprise. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are nowhere to be seen, this is a very different take on the franchise, but no less entertaining.

Futher episodes of Pokémon Origins will be added to the website over the next little while – Episode 2 is due out this week.

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