Ryse shows off more regions

Ryse is one of the games we’re most looking forward to on the Xbox One – but so far, we’ve only really seen the inside of one arena. Today though, that’s changed, with developer Crytek throwing open the gates to not one, but three new areas within the game, showing that it’s not all swords and sandals.

The first video: Your hometown, Eternal Rome in all her glory. Marble-paved streets, Nero’s grand palace – this is at the height of the empire, and everything is beautiful.

Things are a little different at the edge of the empire in Britannia, where we visit the Roman capital York. While the Romans are living in (relative) luxury, there are plenty of commoners and peasants who live in squalor, always braced for a barbarian attack.

And finally, for something completely different: The Haunted Swamps, home of the armies of Glott. This is where the barbarians live, and the Minotaur King holds his dark rituals and sacrifices.

Ryse: Son of Rome sparkles in the Xbox One launch lineup – you’ll be able to grab this one alongside your new console around the world from November 22nd.

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