A closer look at the Titanfall Collector's Edition

That Titanfall Collector’s Edition statue is massive. The somewhat-traditional art book and poster is combined with a whopping 20-inch statue (not 18 as previously promised). In case you have trouble visualising just how big this Atlas titan really is, Respawn has released a video to show it off.

Lead artist Joel Emslie explains:

The focus of the Collector’s Edition was to make sure that we are capturing the essence of Titanfall. It is not a static game. It’s a dynamic game where things are always in motion so we’ve got this really crazy pose where the Titan is in mid-run.

The Titan statue also features battery-powered LED lights and its own diorama setting – and each model is individually numbered.

In the US, this whopping video game tribute will set you back US$249.99 – in Australia, AU$399.95, in New Zealand, NZ$429.99 – that’s a serious chunk of the price you’ll pay for the Xbox One to play it on. Titanfall launches on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in March 2014 (and remember, it’s sticking to Microsoft platforms for the lifetime of the title).

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