UPDATE: PAX Aus 2014 3-day passes sold out

UPDATE: Less than 25 minutes after we posted this, PAX Australia 2014 3-day passes completely sold out. There are still Friday-Saturday-Sunday single-day tickets available, but you should probably be quick!

ORIGINAL: Roughly 24 hours ago, we told you that tickets for PAX Australia 2014 were on sale. If you haven’t already picked up your 3-day pass, you should probably hop to it, there are “only a hundred or so” left.

PAX Australia 2014: The all-important dates

PAX Australia 2014: The all-important dates

Nine hours ago, the PAX Australia Twitter was updated:

3 day badges to #PAXAus 2014 are now 90% sold out.

…this morning, that’s been updated again, so if you haven’t yet jumped on the ticket sales, you probably should.

If you miss out, there are still single-day tickets available, so you could pick up three of those if there are enough left.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the 3-day passes that are being snapped up super-fast: Bring-your-own-computer badges are more than 50% sold.

Remember: PAX Australia is still nearly 12 months away, hitting Melbourne from October 31-November 2, 2014.

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