Killer Instinct will not have Arcade Mode at launch

I was super excited for the new Killer Instinct, I mean SUPER COMBO excited.
Then I saw it at E3, heard of the F2P model and well, I’m still hanging on to hope!

The newest bit of information we’ve heard about Rare / Double Helix‘s revamped retro fighter is that it will receive an arcade mode after the end of its first season.

Microsoft Studios game designer Daniel Fornace tells Official Xbox Magazine that arcade mode will be added after all eight fighters are released, with six of those fighters being available on launch and the other 2 coming as DLC. In the meantime, there is an endless Survival mode:

You pick a difficulty and you go in, and you’re basically playing a long chain, and after each match you regenerate health, but as you go on you generate less and less, and even if you do beginner difficulty, as you get to the higher numbers the CPU does start getting tougher, so you’ll still hit a limit. You set your difficulty to where you’re at – so if you set it to Champion it’ll start hard and get even worse.

I’ve played many fighters over the years, to the point where Street Fighter 3 gave me suspicious callous on my hands as a kid, but most complete fighters ship with an Arcade mode as standard! I want to withhold judgement but I can help but looking at the Rare of old and start singing Air Supply’s “I’m all out of love“…

Killer Instinct launches with the Xbox One – but without Arcade mode – on November 22.

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