Dead Rising 3 Interactive Trailer

Do you guys remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? ‘Course you do, because they’re awesome!
Well, move over books… now is the day of the Choose Your Own Adventure Trailer! (That just rolls off the tongue, right?)

Capcom and Microsoft have teamed up to release an interactive trailer for Dead Rising 3 where you are tasked with getting the main protagonist Nick Ramos (or ‘Not Frank West’, if you’re that way inclined) to the “After Party”.

It’s not the greatest ‘interactive’ YouTube experience you’ll ever have but it does feature you wearing a mascot bull suit, breathing fire and head butting hordes of the undead! Also, a wicked nice touch, it’s all GAMEPLAY! Something often missing in trailer nowadays, *cough* Square Enix *cough*.

You can pick up a copy of Dead Rising 3 alongside your Xbox One on launch day, November 22nd.

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