DayZ standalone still shambling

Recently, an entry into Steam’s early access database showed a listing for a standalone edition of DayZ. Needless to say zombie hunters got very excited, thinking that the game was almost complete and would soon go into public testing.



Alas, this is not the case according to developer Bohemia Interactive, with creator Dean Hall posting on Reddit that the team is still optimising the game and fixing bugs, such as the dipping frame rate and inventory system.

We have now something that provides basic functionality for 10-20 players […] We think we need a minimum of 15 FPS [with] 50 players, 2000 zombies, and 25000 loot items. Our latest tests have all shown some runaway systems in the code we have to tidy up. We’re optimizing this.

Hall says “progress has been very good”, but had no word on a release date yet, and no comment on whether the game will make its “end of the year” deadline.

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