PS4 Sci-fi Unboxing!

With the release of the next generation of consoles only few months away Sony has released an unboxing video of the PlayStation 4, but it’s not quite what we expected…

Feel a little bit let down? Well you’re not the only one, either Shuhei Yoshida the boss of PlayStation has magic powers that allow him to open boxes with easy or the more believable option the video has been over edited to not really show us anything of interest.

The sci-fi/Daft Punk settings are nice I guess, but the lack of any real lighting it does make it difficult to get any real information from the video. Still the video is out at 1080p so you can load it up, and see what you can.

If you want to see a unboxing video that’s going to be more like how you’re going to open it take a look Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4.

Source: Kotaku

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