20 More details: Heroes of the Storm

Another major announcement out of BlizzCon today is the official unveiling of Heroes of the Storm. Now, yes, we have seen this one before. Back in 2009, this was a StarCraft II map known as Blizzard Dota. Fast-forward a few years and it’s something far, far bigger – a full-blown game that looks like it’ll cause some major waves when it’s released next year.

But what actually is Heroes of the Storm? Blizzard describes it as a “free-to-play team brawler that smashes together the might of Warcraft, the grit of StarCraft, and the fury of Diablo into a unique Blizzard gaming experience”.

So. We’re looking at more than 20 years of Blizzard’s gaming history here – Kerrigan, Raynor, Thrall, Arthas and Diablo himself are all thrown onto the battlefield together. Somewhat predictably, they don’t all get along very well, some with long-held rivalries and others bringing new grudges along with them.

Each character is unique, and each one is distinguished further by how well they work alone and in a team. Each role in the game is “valuable and viable”, says Blizzard, with every player benefiting from the team’s epic victories.

And it gets better. Heroes of the Storm is not just set on simple maps. Instead, we’re treated to huge battlegrounds, little worlds with their own NPCs (who may help or hinder your cause), environmental challenges and unique settings.

These gameplay settings offer unlockable advantages, too – powerful allies, friendly towns, valuable vantage points… it’s all here.

…the best bit about all of this? It’s entering beta testing real soon now – and you can sign up by heading to Heroes of the Storm.com!

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