Bioware Teases New Mass Effect Game

The first images of the new Mass Effect game were teased today by Bioware employees as they celebrate N7 day. Amongst the slew of Mass Effect related tweets coming out of Bioware Studios, some rather interesting ones have emerged with juicy, juicy captions.


First up was Bioware Producer Michael Gamble, who tweeted this with the caption “The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!!”


Shortly followed by Studio Director Yanick Roy, who wrote “…with new characters to fall in love with…”



And finally Gameplay Designer Manveer Heir with “…and new worlds to explore!”

This outpouring of ME related affection is due to N7 day, accordingly celebrated on Nov. 7 (if you’re in the appropriate time zone), a day where Bioware thanks their staff and loyal fans for all the love over the last 6 years.

“As we celebrate N7 day, we look back at the talented people who worked on the Mass Effect trilogy, and we remember our inspiration for some of the great pieces that have made Mass Effect so iconic. […] We celebrate the fans, for their support, and for their commitment to the original characters that we proudly decorate our studios with, and the new one’s we’ve added along the way.”

No official word from EA on the topic yet but I think we can safely presume the the rumour mill is going to start spinning! And let me be one to start you off: Evil Cyborg Commander Shepard who favours no stores on the Citadel!

Source: Neogaf
Via: Kotaku

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