Rift Update 2.5 promises underwater adventures

Introduced with a shiny new trailer you can see below, Rift‘s 2.5 update, subtitled Song of Dreams, has just gone live and brings with it some new features alongside some quality of life improvements.

The primary content introduced in this update is a series of quests off the coast of Telara’s Ember Isle, tasking players with confronting a rising menace beneath the waves where it lives. Just don’t forget even an Ascended needs to breathe occasionally…

[jwplayer mediaid=”67420″]

But what about Fae Yule?!

Fae Yule is Rift‘s amazingly coincedental holiday tied to the real world’s Christmas celebrations. This year Fae Yule begins December 12th, but leading up to that date there’s a number of special dungeons for players to delve. And some shiny rewards to go with it.

And don’t forget Rift is now free to play!

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