Dota 2 courier goes for $38,000

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere on a remote island, Dota 2 is kind of a big deal with a huge loyal player base who all want the best hats– I mean, couriers! As was shown by one selling for the neat sum of $38,000 by a player called “PAADA”.

Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog

Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog

For those not in the know, a courier is used to carry items from base out to characters on the field and back, it can be upgraded to a flying variation, and a team typically only has one.

The courier in question is an “Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog”. The War Dog is the base courier, and it is no longer available through the games random drop system. Pink is a color variation of the Ethereal Flame which is a highly rare visual effect for a courier. These three things combine for a pretty rare find, explaining the high price.

If the Ethereal Flame Pink War Dog tickles your fancy, it seems you’re out of luck — only four others are known to exist, and who knows if there owners will ever part with them.

Via: Eurogamer 


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