MA 15+ rating not strict enough for 12 games?

John Rau , South Australia’s Attorney General, is calling for 12 games currently rated MA15+ by the Australian Classification board to be reviewed, believing that the guidelines for an R18+ game and the tightened MA15+ that he agreed to are not being applied appropriately.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

The 12 games getting a review are as follows:

A large part of John Rau’s motivation to see this review happen is that all of the games have received a rating of  18 by PEGI and 17+ by the ESRB in the US.  “It is concerning to me, particularly as a parent, when I see that 13 games have been released in Australia as MA15+, whilst exactly the same game attracts up to an R18+ classification overseas.”

It is not going to be a cheap process to re-review all 12 games, with an estimated cost upwards of $330,000.

According to Ron Curry, CEO at iGEA, however, the re-review is unnecessary.

“Not only have these games already been examined against stringent guidelines, we also haven’t heard of any formal complaints made by parents or adults who think the video games are wrongly classified. The review is a hundred thousand dollar exercise to satisfy a vocal yet unrepresentative minority.”

“Most people don’t realise that before a video game lands on a store shelf, it has already been rigorously examined against a set of guidelines set out by our Government.”

Stay tuned for any further developments.

Sources: Kotaku and the Attorney-General’s Department South Australia

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