GTA Online Hush-Money Hits Accounts

As of today the bank owners of GTA V‘s San Andreas are loosening their purse strings and have started depositing the $500,000 dollar ‘stimulus packages’ into players accounts, as an apology for the buggy Grand Theft Auto Online  release.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

The in-game currency is Rockstar’s apology for the buggy launch of GTA V‘s online multiplayer experience, which suffered from  player connection issues and even lost save game data. Thankfully, Rockstar have have announced that all those problems have been addressed and fixed with the latest patch.

“We expect that it will take up to two full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so please be patient if you do not see it appearing in your in-game bank account just yet. […] Thanks go out to everyone for their continued patience and understanding while we worked through these issues, and we can’t wait to bring more into the world of GTA Online.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, my rusty pink truck needs more armour plating and novelty horns!

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