Battlefield 4: DICE is aware of all the bugs

Battlefield 4 launched for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 last week to great reviews, but it seems the game is not immune to the usual batch of bugs and broken code. Happily, developer DICE has confirmed that it’s well aware of issues in the PC version of the game, including freezes and lock-ups, and it is currently working on fixes for all of them.

The studio has created a list of known Battlefield 4 issues, and is working through them one by one.

We are working on a PC client patch at the moment and hope to release it soon. We will share the patch notes once we have the patch contents finalized. The main focus is to fix as many crashes as possible, starting with the issues affecting a large number of players. We will update you once we are ready to release new server updates. We are currently working on server update #5, with four being released so far.

The forum thread is kept regularly updated – the latest news at time of writing shows that the developers have rolled out a new patch (R6) that should fix the “most common server crash”. Also in the works: Server queues on PC, server crashes, game crashes and freezes, lost progress in multiplayer, corrupted single-player save files and the inevitable “miscellaneous audio bugs”.

These updates and fixes are being churned out at DICE, who shows no signs of slowing down until all the bugs are squished. You can do your part by reporting bugs when you spot ’em, as well as giving feedback on gameplay balance, classes, weapons, and even the specifics of the controller layout. The studio’s all ears.

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